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Procurement and Purchasing Management


Global Goods Corp is able to provide its clients with procurement and purchasing management services, acting on behalf of importers or exporters worldwide. Its high skilled staff, fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese cooperating with a complex network of companies spread around the world, Global Goods Corp customers can reach any supplier or buyer overnight no matter the country or the product involved.

Consolidated Air Shipping


Global Goods Corp offers consolidated air shipping to the main airports of the world. It ensures that the shipments get to their destination safely and quickly at a very competitive rate. Global Goods Corp is always very focused to the needs of its customers and the particularities of each region. In cooperation with its agents Global Goods Corp surveys carefully every detail of the transport process, as for example the integrity and strength of the packaging, urgency, financial and legal requirements. For further details about the main airports and routes served, click on the icon of the airplane.

FCL Service - Full Container Loads


With contracts signed directly with the major steamship lines of the world, or through their associated agents, Global Goods Corp can ship containers to and from the main ports of the world. Availability of space, expedition and know-how in taking care of the documentation, careful oversight of our cases, and highly competitive prices, make it possible to deliver the loads safely, quickly and affordably. For further details about the main ports and routes served, click on the icon of the ship.

LCL Service - Ships convenience


Global Goods Corp provides groupage and consolidated shipments.  By means of combining smaller loads in a container, or co-loading with reputable consolidators, Global Goods Corp offers its clients this alternative option of a safe, quick, and affordable maritime shipment.  This service includes receiving the packages at the originating location, storage, handing, stuffing in the container, maritime transport, stripping the container and delivering the shipments at the receiving end.  This is carried out with professional handling of the documentation.  For further details about the ports and route served, click on the icon of the warehouse.

Domestic inland freight - Express Way


Global Goods Corp and its associates have contracts with domestic companies for their air and ground cargo transport, in order to ship the cargo for their clients from point to point, including international departure or arrival terminals. The customized services of these companies make it possible to offer express shipment for small loads or containers, reducing the delivery time significantly.  In every continent, we can utilize our resources in order to deliver shipments within tight deadlines, at extra cost.  Global Goods Corp is equipped to negotiate cost with shipping companies, and track the cargo.

Domestic inland freight - Intermodal


When cost is more important than time, Global Goods Corp can provide intermodal service to transport goods domestically. Global Goods Corp offers to its clients a huge variety of facilities such as warehouses, hubs, rail ramps, container yards, rail and trucking companies, feeders, cabotage companies and others. A combination of instruments to let your cargo be moved safely, under low costs arrangements based on fair transit times and expected readiness and quality of service

NVOCCs e Freight Forwarders assistance


Global Goods Corp acts perfectly as handling agent at origin and destination. We provide our associated agents abroad with full detailed instructions in order to let them ship into this country considering local regulation, government demands and any further requirements. We collect and remit funds according due our expertise.